Newly single and done with guys

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For those of you in long-term relationships, you'll seldom understand the struggles a single person goes through, especially when you haven't really been single in a while. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean single people aren't happy. It's just that we'll never how the grass looks on the other side of the fence unless of course, we're thrown to the other side to experience it on our own.

People who've just come out of a relationship may experience this side and they'll probably be too emotionally venerable. Being recently single after a long-term relationship is certainly not easy. I mean you've spent a considerable amount of time with a ificant other, doing almost everything together and suddenly there is a big void in your life, which you're trying to fill in any way you can. Yes, it's a time where you may find yourself a bit lost and that's absolutely okay. Everyone is lost once every while but if you can get out of this space unscathed, then there's nothing like it.

Yes, it takes a lot of time and patience and some amount of healing but you can definitely handle being recently single, with ease! Yes, it's almost like grieving for the loss of a loved one. What once was is now no more and it does make you sad, I don't deny that. You got habituated into following a pattern along with someone and suddenly that pattern breaks.

You can feel immense pain and sadness, you can go into depression even. But whatever it is, don't stop the grieving. You can consult a professional for therapy or you can channelise your grief in constructive ways like picking up a sport or working out, immersing yourself in work or picking up a hobby.

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Just make sure you grieve and let it all out. Bottling up your feelings can make it worse for you in the longer run. Take a moment to clean your space and not live in a mess. It's easy to just be messy because mess ordinarily reflects the state of mind.

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If your state of mind is cluttered, your surroundings will be too. So do a thorough cleansing of the space. Get rid of everything and anything that may remind you of your ex-partner.

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Clothes, postcards, letters, any other gift that you may have received from her. Once you start your cleanse, your mind will feel a lot better. I mean if you have to wallow in a space, you much rather have it clean right? I am not a big advocate on heading to an online dating site right after a breakup, especially if you're a serial monogamist. I believe in taking some time out, healing and then diving into whatever you like.

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If you don't heal, you'll probably end up hurting the next person you're with. Having said that, I think it's absolutely okay to get out there, meet new people and let your light shine brightly again. Although while doing that, be careful to absolutely protect your heart. You're vulnerable right now, you're prone to get hurt again and you really don't want to go down that road. So, don't commit to anything and keep your heart at bay and just have some harmless or adulterated fun, instead.

Yes, look at being single as a great opportunity.

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It's time to reconnect with yourself and assess the relationships in your life. Spend time doing things you wouldn't have while with someone and finding new relationships that give your life a new meaning. During this time, you'll also figure the difference between 'wanting' a partner and 'needing' a partner, according to Monica Parikh. Which means, you don't need to compromise on your needs and wants and whatever you find befitting after spending a good amount of time deliberating on it, you should go for it.

The most important thing though is to find ways to keep yourself happy during this phase. Sometimes, people can drive you out of your misery. And if you have a good set of friends who look out for you, then use their help to get by.

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Ask them for an hour of their time and just talk to them about how you're feeling. If they're good friends, they'll allow you to grieve with them. Don't bottle your feelings and use their listening skills aptly. Go out as frequently as you can with them.

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Either for dinners and movies or at bars to check out women and indulge in some harmless flirting. Whatever you do, have them by your side because if you go through this alone, it'll definitely get tougher and you'll be miserable. It's good to have company when times are tough. You can also spend a lot of time with family and pets as long as you have someone by your side when you need them to be. Being recently single isn't easy at all, but it can get easy once you consciously start letting go of the old pattern and invest in a bunch of new habits, that'll take you out of the downward spiral you've been stuck in.

Enjoy your singlehood as much as you can because you never know who you'd meet again, right around the corner! Shop Read. up with us to unlock all features! Relationship Advice. By Robin Wood. Here are 5 ways you can get through this tough phase, easily: 1 It's Absolutely Okay To Grieve "Give yourself adequate time to grieve the loss", says dating and relationship coach Monica Parikh.

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Newly single and done with guys

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What To Do After A Break Up: A Handbook For Every Newly Single Guy