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Comedy Paid Prog jPaid Prog. Scan R Sports lllus. DailyShow Tim Russert Sports lllus. Mystery 'Allen" ; Tom Skerntt. Go Fish! Jose Luis Cordero. G How'dThey Do That? Big Easy S PG' CC fjom Poyo IE Iw llic must difficult "Kelt-kit hits Iki'ii ut Little Siiints for 4" years," Sura stys "TlH'se rc all the kids she's grown up with, all of the teachers she's seen, and she's got to leave them all behind " Tt help Krlika cope, Sura is reassuring her that she will still see her day cure friends and she'll make new friends in the ncighlorhMd and school.

Answer all her questions before she asks them is basically what I've tried to do. Kven a quiet child will have questions alxiut kindergarten they might Ik; loo nervous to ask. For these kids, address the concerns lefore they surface. Talk to your child ulxmt kindergarten and what the first few months will be like.

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She recommends that parents answer the "Will you miss me? Iet your child know that he or she could help someone else by trying to make friends first. Every child will take some time to adjust, Harlan says, but most kids are ready for kindergarten. There might be a few tears at the door the first day or even the first week, but most children will get used to school quickly. It might be harder for parents to watch their babies grow up and leave home even if it is only for a few hours.

But it's setting her off on a great adventure, and I'm hoping that the lessons she's learned TIPSAnswer questions Fiom 1E and the bus stop, Play school at home, and check out children's books from the library alxmt kindergarten. Answer any questions your child might have in a Msitive, reassuring manner "Don't minimize what those anxieties are, or say 'That's nonsense,' " Harlan says. Help your child feel more secure by telling him you are only a phone call away.

Fill out the school's emergency card with your child, or give your child a list of phone numlers to keep.

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Carrying a small item from home in a ixn ket or backpack may also help. These little pieces of home remind your child that home - and you are waiting for them Be realistic about what kindergarten is and isn't.

It isn't all fun and games, and letting believe that will only bring disappointment later.

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This lets your child know you are interested and supfxirtive. Nejedly and her husband, Carl, are planning a family party for Katie on the day before school starts. Katie, who will attend Wisconsin Lutheran, hasn't decided yet what the party will consist of except for games and food. In this latest "Capitol Crimes" caper, chicanery swirls about while there's a murder at the House of Representatives.

Truman wisely brings back the likable sleuthing couple, Mac and Annabel Smith. As eight-term Congressman Paul Latham sayst they're the most attractive couple in Washington, after himself and his wife. When Latham is nominated as Secretary of State, he asks Mac to be his lawyer during the confirmation hearings.

But Latham is murdered and Mac, who was involved in his life, becomes involved in investigating his death. There are Russian gangsters in the plot, along with an American businessman who does business in Russia and has benefited from trade bills Latham sponsored. Rumor had for Truman's smooth writing style.

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Some mysteries are easy to read because they're simple; this one is easy because it's clearly written. Truman knows how to painlessly deliver a lot of information, hold a reader's attention and build suspense and tension. And all very smoothly. We spoke to Gray on the phone from Phoenix, picking his sensitive-man brain for a little more detail on his tips.

If you don't have a uniform, I don't suggest putting on a fake one. He need not answer literally she needs a comment such as, 'Oh, I'm so attracted to you' or 'You are the most special woman for me. That type of experience will produce the most bonding.

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He won't feel the need to call her until he has something to say. The woman's reaction is, i can't wait to talk to him tomorrow. Celebrate the ones you love with a special photograph. Deadline is Tuesday September 2, at Noon. Drop off or mail to: Inside Classified Dept.

West Lawn now offers Travel protection, eliminates financial burden, if a death occurs while away from "home. Try it free. Get access to this with a Free Trial. Next.

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Geeky fat girl looking for a little Racine Wisconsin

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